What is Operations Challenge?

Answer! Operations Challenge is the Wastewater Olympics for professionals in the wastewater industry. Four team members compete in 5 different events:

  1. Maintenance: Perform maintenance on and operation of a Vaughan Chopper pump
  2. Collection Systems: Connect a 4 PVC lateral sewer to an existing 8 PVC sewer pipe
  3. Safety: Respond to an unconscious worker at the bottom of a confined space
  4. Process Control: 20-minute written wastewater skills test and a 15-minute process simulator test
  5. Laboratory: Analyze TSS and TDS and calculate solids mass balance across a treatment system

Meet the MassChaos Team

This year’s team consists of Scott Urban (Holyoke), Kelly Olanyk (Springfield), Joe Holmes (Holyoke),  Justo Cabrera (Springfield), and Ramon Garrick (Springfield).

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