Contact your Elected Official in Support of S480 & H805

There are two bills now at the State House, S480 and H805, that will require the clear labeling of wipes products as “non-flushable”. We need to be educating the public, especially as we come off the pandemic, of the problems wipes clogs cause, for their neighbors, themselves, and their budgets. Proper labeling of wipes is the important first step in breaking a habit that costs us $10M a year to clean up after. Read Full Bill

Please send your representative and senator an email today, telling them you want S480 and H805 passed now, while they are in formal session.

You can find your rep’s and senator’s email addresses with this link:

Our legislators need to hear from as many of us as possible, and they need to hear from someone who votes for them- that’s YOU.

As a taxpayer, and as an operator, you owe it to yourself and the community you serve to see these bills passed in this session. Please take three minutes now, so we can reduce the service disruptions, sewer backups and costly repairs.

Thanks for your help- you’re helping all of us!

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